Finally, a way to eliminate pain and stiffness, make a fuller turn, and start outdriving your friends again.

Golf Flexibility Program

3 Weeks to Feeling Your Best in Years!

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What My Clients Say

We Are Professionals

"I love this program. My body feels so much better. I've literally had back pain for years, and it's non-existent now. I make a big turn, my swing is way more consistent; I've had multiple drives past the 300 yard mark into the fairway; it's been a really big change!"

Rusty C. 32

“My back hasn’t felt this good in a decade.”

Chris H., 56

“I’m shocked at how good I feel this early in the program.”

Bob W., 62

“It feels like I have new, better, body parts. I can turn the way I want to. My swing feels incredible now.”

Danny W, 38

“I just feel lighter. There’s no other way to explain it.”

Sean H., 32

Who is this for?

This program is for you if any of these resonate with you:

✅ Stiff and tight golfers who want to play without pain, feel looser and play better

✅ Golfers afraid of losing even more distance, and having to move up a tee box

✅ Short hitters who want a better turn in their backswing to hit BOMBS

✅ Golfers with golfer’s elbow and/or tennis elbow (they’re separate problems, but many golfers have both issues)

✅ DIY’ers who want expert guidance and a tour proven home program

✅ Golfers who want to sample what Tour Pros work on to play their best

Tour Proven

My methods have been proven to get results for players on the PGA Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, and PGA LatinoAmerica



I've worked with golfers ranging from hobbyists, amateur, and tour professionals.


My handicap

I'm a decent player, so you can trust that your program hasn't been put together by a duffer.

“Chris is top notch. We've been working together for a couple of months. I started off with a club head speed average of 101...this week I ***averaged*** 119 with a high of 127! When I started with Chris, stiffness was a fact of life...just getting out of bed was a struggle and my day after recovery was slow. Now, I'm looser, more flexible and a lot stronger, with no morning after soreness. Chris took the time to learn my extensive orthopedic history and designed exercises I can do that have benefitted my game and my life in general. He'll help you play better, get longer off the tee...and live better. Get with him now...I wish I had years ago.”

Doug P., 56

You've been Stiff, Tight, and Sore for too long. Time to fix it.


Q: “But can’t I just watch some YouTube videos to help me?”

A: How’s that been going so far? The information is out there, for sure, but the most important part is piecing it all together cohesively into a proper program, and that’s what I’ve done for you. I’ve been able to fine tune my program working as a physical therapist for 13 years, including work with PGA Tour players, Korn Ferry Tour players, mini-tour players, and retired NBA players working on their golf game (as well as weekend warriors like yourself).

Q: “Why does it cost so much?”

A: For less than it costs to buy a new dozen ProV1’s, you will achieve levels of flexibility and mobility that you never thought possible, and can maintain for a lifetime! How’s that for value?

Q: “What all does my purchase include?”

A: You’ll receive the golf flexibility program in stages. Week 1 will be emailed to you as soon as your payment is received. Week 2 will be sent to you 7 days later, and week 3 will be sent 7 days after that.

You’ll also receive:

-Bonus warmup routine video to get you loose before your rounds in less than 5 mins!

-Lifetime access to this program and any updates

-Direct line of communication with me to answer any questions you’ve always wanted to ask a golf fitness professional!

Play Pain Free. Hit it Longer. Play Forever.

As a physical therapist, it is my mission to help golfers like you to play your best without annoying pain, stiffness, or weakness so you can feel better and more confident, improve your golf performance, and finish your round strong.

I've had the privilege to work with PGA Tour players, Korn Ferry Tour players, and aspiring tour pros, and I'm happy to share my Tour-tested techniques with you!

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